Your Step by Step Guide to Reinventing Your Brand

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Sometimes change is good, and in the corporate world, it can help you capture the attention of new clients and prospects. However, it’s not a quick fix. Still, with some careful consideration and an innovative plan, you could create the process for a successful reinvention.

Take a look at some of the steps to consider:

It’s a marathon, not a sprint

Reinvention should be viewed as a process that takes time. Rushing could see you lack the vital message that you’re trying to achieve, and put you on the back foot. Think about how long it took your brand to solidify its position within your niche. In comparison, reinvention won’t take as long as you already have a great foundation. However, it still needs to be carefully considered to execute the right timing and consistent message to help improve your business for the future.

Refresh your branding

If your branding has become a little out-dated and doesn’t quite match your business message, then revamping it could be an option. While you don’t have to change the logo or colour palette completely, small tweaks could modernise your overall look. For example, if you look at the evolution of brands such as Facebook over the years, the logo has changed somewhat since their beginnings. A refresh across your branding materials could push a new message to capture a new audience.

Maintain brand authenticity

Customers can see right through brands that are just trying to keep with the latest trends or that only cater to the new customers. To maintain a good reputation throughout a brand refresh is to ensure your authenticity stays true to your overall message. This is important for customers, in particular millennials who value this when choosing where to purchase.

Update your website

The Internet is changing all the time, and so is the way people use it. More visitors are viewing websites on mobile than ever before, so it’s vital to create a mobile-friendly site to capture this audience. Long gone are the days of content-crammed sites with loud colours or busy homepages. It’s now about simplicity and user experience! If you have a website that needs a vital refresh, be sure to include this in your reinvention.

Predict trends

In today’s ever-changing world, it’s not enough to rest on your laurels. Customers expect brands to be on the ball and relevant. As part of modernising your brand, look at ways to keep it fresh consistently rather than just focusing on a one-time rebrand. Look at industry trends and see what could work for you. There’s no point in trying to be everything at once either, as brand message will get lost. Focus on beneficial changes for your business while continuing to instil trust and authority in your niche.

Create a brand standards guide

Brands that utilise every touchpoint in their company with a consistent approach are some of the most powerful in the market. To help you reach this, creating a branding standards guide will ensure every step of the process supports consistency and brand recognition.

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