Website Tune-up

Struggling with your website?

Improve Performance and avoid being penalised by Search Engines

From speed optimisation, identifying security threats or keeping up with search engine algorithms, our website performance service will keep your business ranking

Compelte Security Scan

Backup and Recovery

Software Upgrade

Website Audit Report

On-Page SEO, Site Loading and Speed Optmisation

2 Hours dedicated support included

Our Web Care Service Provides you

We’re proud to furnish small and medium-sized businesses with their very own professional, optimised websites from which to drive trade online. But we don’t just tailor-make company websites – we also help optimise and edit existing websites of businesses across the UK and Worldwide.

Why do you need website Tune-Up ?

So it performance at optimum level at all times, and is free from malware, broken links, proper use of alt tags, title tags, meta descriptions, lighter images, latest core software, updated plugins and finally, it loads quicker and meets the speed optimisation expected by search engines.

How do we Tune-It Up ?

Carry out security scan, remove malware and backboor trojons, unwanted image files, unwanted data, check speed and optimise the code including CSS, Java Scripts and core software updates for better peformance and fast loading.

How much it costs?

One time fees when you need it, Usually fixed fees of arround £495/- depending on the size, age and complexity involved with your website.

Ready to get started?

Let’s connect over a quick call and discuss your project plan.

Our Expertise

Edits, Amends and Optimisation

Our experience helps us understand where your website can be improved, and we will work with our designers and content optimisers to deliver you higher traffic, better click-through rates, fewer empty baskets and a better SEO position to help you sell online.

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