Frequently Asked Questions


Try us! We have built big database-driven sites and eCommerce sites with high output – if you have a big project in mind, let us know, and we’ll tell you how we can build it.
We can talk you through how you set up email for your domain with a third-party email provider.
If you host with us, we will keep everything secure and up to date, including plugins, and will maintain off-site backups. No site is ever completely secure, but we will take every precaution.
You will need to pay regular payments for website hosting, which won’t be hidden from you – we’ll let you know all costs associated with a website when we give you your quote.
If you already have a domain name (i.e., your website URL address), you can give us its details, and we can use that domain when your site goes live.
You can come to us with a name, and we will try to find a suitable domain name and DNS for you. Otherwise, you can contact a Domain provider like GoDaddy or 123-reg and take care of that yourself.
A CMS will allow you to change aspects of your website yourself, which means if you want to create content to provide value to your visitors, you can do so without going through us.
A CMS is a system that allows people to search your site, track changes to the content, and publish content, as well as a host of other functions. CMS standards change, but we’ll update your CMS for you when they do.
You can host your site if you want, but we usually take care of the hosting for you, including making sure all your content management systems and plugins are entirely up to date.
It depends on the complexity: a simple 5-page static website could take as little as 8 weeks, while a large eCommerce site could take many months. Let us know what you have in mind, and we can try to give you a rough idea.

Social Media

We will present to you a regular tracking report that gives you detailed information about what we’ve been doing and how it has brought you closer to your goals.
You could, but it probably won’t help your business reach its goals. We won’t advise buying likes, instead, we will help you to grow organically, as this is best for long term success.
We can set everything up for you if you don’t have an existing profile. If you do, we can work with what you have already done or advise a change of direction.
That depends on what your goals are. We will consult with you to figure out what you want your company to achieve and then create some solid objectives to strive towards.
This depends on what your needs are, we can post very frequently or try to create a minimal posting schedule to suit your budget.
Yes, customer service is essential – we will answer questions as effectively as we can before we direct them to you.
Part of running an effective social media profile involves writing posts, making graphics, and other types of content. We’ll create a content strategy and present it to you.
Maintaining a presence on social media and using it to market your business takes a lot of time. We will manage your social media to save you time and provide you with the value of our expertise.
Depending on your business, you will likely have clients who are on social media – whether it’s LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter. Having a presence on social media will help you connect with clients and prospective clients alike.

Social Media

One of the most essential parts of SEO is choosing the right keywords. We’ll work with you to decide which keywords we should target.
An essential part of any SEO is content creation and optimisation, which we can take care of for you or give you some tips on how to create content of the highest quality.
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