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"We are extremely happy with overall performance of the site and the increased revenue potential this new brand has delivered to us. GOW Digital are helping us continuously improvise on this. We would recommend GOW Digital to any aspiring businesses that are considering venturing into selling online."
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Lukfit is an online sportswear clothing company focused on the younger trendy market, stocking some of the biggest brands in the sports industry such as Nike and Adidas at affordable prices.

The Project Outline

Lukfit have numerous online outlets across Amazon and eBay but wanted to expand their retail business to a full website. The new website was part of a full re-brand scheme, which included a new face to the brand, a new name, and a new design. For this project, we used Shopify to add a simple catalogue and storefront to the website, as well as making it easier for Lukfit to update and use for social marketing campaigns.

Our Proposal

We felt that the key to Lukfit’s successful re-brand and launch would be a simple to use catalogue system and the flexibility to add and remove products whenever needed without interfering with the user experience. We proposed using Shopify for the online storefront. Using Shopify would allow Lukfit to work with their warehouse and inventory to sync up shipping and improve customer experience, branching out to serve new customers and reach new audiences.

The Final Outcome

Lukfit now has a fully integrated Shopify website that is easy to use and easy to update. Maintenance and management are still with us, and we’re happy to provide support where it’s needed. The new Lukfit website is fully mobile optimised and fully SEO ready. As part of the project, we aimed to keep the website as clutter-free as possible, included plenty of fresh design elements and white space. The result is a modern and easy to navigate site that has all of the required pages such as a contact page, a catalogue, collections, shipping, and return info and privacy policy. The website is both fully compliant with GDPR and privacy requirements, and fully functional, and it looks great too! Thanks to Shopify’s excellent plugin platform, Lukfit can now harness social media advertising and has social profiles set up under the new branding with the new logo, allowing the company to be more brand synchronised across both social media and their brand new website. Lukfit’s customers agree that it looks and feels great too, and we’re happy to report that Lukfit’s sales have increased, and the new branding is doing very well! With Lukfit’s new branding and new logo landing well with customers, the business is going from strength to strength and has just celebrated a year under the new branding.
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