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"We were keen to work with Gow Digital as they have been a long-standing partner of our business and this was the second website that they created for us. They always responded quickly to any questions or requests we had so we knew they were a reli-able partner. This was our second project with Gow Digital, we knew they could deliver and meet our digital needs as the previous website they created for us performed incredibly well. Our needs were complex and unusual as we wanted to continue to benefit from the SEO legacy of our previous site but have a fresh new look and feel the benefit of the latest website technology. After taking time to understand these needs and educate us on new technology, Gow Digital were able to achieve exactly what we required. We’ve seen leads double since they created our latest websites."
Mike Doggwiler
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Copestone Marketing

Copestone is a global marketing agency with offices in London UK and Melbourne Australia. Copestone manage marketing communications strategies and campaigns across many specialist industries, and for clients of all sizes, from small enterprises to major public and private sector organisations.

The Project Outline

Copestone approached us in 2018 with the task of redesigning their existing websites from an ageing model to a modern web browsing experience with the latest optimisation. Their original three websites, one for the UK, one for Australia, and one focused on their copywriting offering, were coded using legacy asp.net and their once exceptional performance and user experience was beginning to diminish. The websites were fairly text heavy as copywriting is one of the company’s key offerings, and it was clear that the previously up-to-date SEO was now dated, and the company were keen to improve the websites’ lead generation. Some parts of the site were also using the now depreciated Adobe Flash, which is due for official retirement at the end of 2020.

Our Proposal

After carrying out our initial tests and completing some background research, we proposed moving their existing websites to three newly designed sites that would be hosted on our servers and maintained by our team. We managed the migration of content from the legacy asp.net application framework, to a more robust foundation of Drupal 8 across all three websites. Working with Copestone on the design of their sites ensured that they were consistent with their company branding and operated well with modern browsing habits and user expectations. From an SEO perspective, we suggested a full audit of both on-page and off-page SEO to get a good overview of where Copestone sat as a brand and make some solid plans to improve their SEO rankings. We were particularly keen to introduce local SEO for their two location-specific websites.

The Final Outcome

Copestone now has three modern and fresh-looking websites that perform well under stress tests. Both of their location-specific sites have undergone a full local SEO optimisation process as well as thorough on-page and off-page SEO work. It was important to ensure that Copestone’s branding was always consistent across all three sites, but that the copywriting specific site had its own feel, which we achieved by working closely with their brand guardians. Using Drupal as a content management framework has allowed us to ensure that Copestone’s website is sitting on robust foundations and will be compatible with modern browsers. Local SEO has also enabled their goal of securing leads within the city of London for the team in their Shoreditch office, who have seen the SEO update double leads from their website.
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