About Us

We are GOW Digital

Company based in the UK, founded by Mr Lohith Gowdra (MBA), who is also AWS Certified Solutions Architect with years of experience in the IT Industry and Digital Marketing, now helping aspiring business owners to Grow and Scale their businesses with his Digital Marketing and Digital Transformations skills.

Who Are We?

Our experience of the digital world revealed to us an urgent need for small businesses to leverage online resources. We formed GOW Digital to boost traffic and sales for businesses online. With many years of experience behind us, we’ve created countless websites and digital marketing strategies, on a bespoke basis, for our clients.

What We Do?

How we do it?

We provide digital services – from web design through to digital marketing and SEO boosting – to meet and exceed your business targets. Talk to one of our professionals today to learn how we can help your company grow.

The Process


Project Brief

We ask a bunch of questions up front about your goals, your “why”, your target audience, your services and products, your industry, and your business.


Upon receiving your project brief, we will give you a quick call to better understand about your project as provided by you in the Project Brief and fix a date and time for an in depth Project Workshop online or in person meeting


After the meeting, we will prepare a proposal that will outline our digital solution in line with your brief and outcomes from the meeting and it will include the Investment needed, our deliverables and project timescales.

Project Architecture

Once we have a good game plan, we draw up the outline. This will provide us with a blueprint for what it is we’re trying to communicate and achieve, and how to best structure the site to accomplish those goals.


Instead of emails and documents that try to describe what we’re going to build, we’ll show you. A picture is worth a thousand words (and we hate long emails!). Depending on the complexity of the site


This is the really fun part. We pull out our crayons and coloured pencils and rulers and glue and exact knives and get to make something pretty. We always keep a strong hold on functionality and usability – but we’re going to make it pretty too.


If we’re developing content for you, this is the stage of the project where you should be able to review and revise it. The content writing started right after the strategy session(s), and should be ready for you now.


We will probably need to go underground for a little while at this point and write code. Developers write their best code in the middle of the night with lots of caffeine and probably some weird music.


First 30 days support following the live date is included as part of our service, during those 30 days, we accept to make minor revisions which are within the proposal and our agreement.

Get Started

Your success is our success, but we can’t achieve it alone. You need the determination and drive to allow us to help you reach your potential. Success doesn’t just come with an investment; it comes from graft, tenacity, and being surrounded by brilliant people. We can only serve a certain number of clients, so after much experience, we now only take on clients that have specific traits. Having these traits means that our extensive knowledge and experience can be applied properly so your project can smash its upper limit.
We can’t work with a team that doesn’t know exactly what they want to achieve. Planning is a crucial element of business, so we will only take on clients who have Specific, Measurable, Actionable, Realistic and Time-Based Goals. [ SMART Goals ] We need to know what you want to achieve and when you want to achieve it so we can work together to take your business to the next level.
In the digital world, you need to build up a digital following. The only way to convert new customers is with diligent content creation – blog, do interviews, publish presentations, educate the masses – you will excel at something, you just need to do so with passion. People already knowing you isn’t vital, but you need to be dedicated to connecting with your audience, not just expecting an easy fix.
This isn’t an easy job that you can outsource, crafting a successful digital presence requires work and time. As the leader of the project, you will need the passion to keep going even when you feel you want to quit. You need to know why this project is so essential for your business; what achieving your goals will actually do. You should be willing to fight to achieve success for your business because then you will stay driven as part of a team effort.
The workload that a successful project requires can rarely be achieved without a good team. If you don’t have one, you should be prepared to build one. We very rarely accept those who work alone. Your team doesn’t need to be big – you could have one or two remote workers – but we don’t advise you to do this without some help.
An investment without hard work will yield a project that might get exposure but won’t inspire the long-term audience and sales that you want. However, hard work without investment will lead to cutting corners and not doing what’s best for the company. A successful digital solution needs investment. We can’t work for sweat equity, and we won’t work for recommendations in the future; we are providing a means for you to get a return on your investment. If you work hard and apply our strategies, a positive performance is assured.
It takes time to get results, but it also takes attention. Undivided attention. For your project to be successful, we need you to be dedicated, and understand that for the duration of the project, working with us is an essential part of running your business. We need timely, insightful feedback; content by its deadline; time set aside for calls and updates. You need to have the time to do things properly. If you can’t, you need to assure us that somebody in your team can have complete control of the project, not having to get approval for any decision. If you don’t treat the project as a priority, we reserve the right to fire you.

Project Stats

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